Full name

Rosie Packwood // Pocketm0use


Graphic Designer, Artworker, Illustrator & Digital Broadcaster


England, UK


Testimonials and Reviews:
"From the opening pages of Bun, you know you are in for something very different. Artist Rosie Packwood sets the tone for this fascinating new direction, with an utterly sublime series of opening pages that look like something out a kids story book thanks to an impeccable sense of design and sublime muted colouring." - Alex Thomas, Pipedream Comics

"Packwood instantly cements herself as one to watch" - CeeJay Says

" ...while this initial short is only 11-pages long, it still felt like probably the most involving set of pages I’ve read in an all-ages book for a while. It’s smart, it’s funny, it’s bittersweet from the beginning and that all combines to make Bun something special." - Comics Annonymous

"The art looks deceptively simple in some panels, and properly intricate in others. Packwood matches the art to the tale in an accomplished manner. Rating: 4/5."- Big Comic Page

"Outstanding layouts and design from Rosie Packwood."- Other Worlds Than These

"...ranging from relative unknowns to Madius regulars to UK Indie superstars. Some of our favourites included: Rosie Packwood, whose style is a cross between Chunks and Exit Generation and perfectly matches the dark comedy found in Issue 3’s Slaycation..."- Pipedream Comcis

"In the first of our double feature, issue 3A, you will be greeted by the mind meltingly beautiful cover from Rosie Packwood"- The Curiosity of a Social Misfit

I’ve worked with White Space Design Agency Ipswich a number of times. Mostly to produce storyboards. The purpose of these storyboards are to really sell the concept of the ad campaign to the client. Here are some finished videos I had the privilege of helping out with:

Comic illustration/Colourist roles:
My latest work was on Slaycation for Madius' Comics Papercuts and Inkstais #3A, which can be purchased here: http://www.madiuscomics.bigcartel.com/product/papercuts-and-inkstains-03a
Some reviews of my illustrative work in comics:

http://www.vscomics.co.uk/issues/issue-10/ vs comics issue #10: I worked as the colourist for the short ‘Feeding Time’.
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/915250098/mail-order-ninja-returns ‘Mail order ninja’ was my very first colourist role. I helped colour a ‘Where’s Wally’- style poster for the donator prizes.
‘Steampunk Originals 3’ was my favourite colourist role to date. I worked with Jongbom (Eric J. Lee) on his submission ‘Worlds Greatest eccentric’. Available soon to buy at: http://www.arcana.com/ or you can read our submission here: http://entervoid.com/view.php?id=4647&side=1&iid=1
I’ve also worked on a comic as the lead illustrator for UpBeat comics first production: Smash Invasions. It’s available for digital download here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/smash-invasions-1/id897225240?mt=11

http://evilwomenanthology.tumblr.com/post/89060293171/the-majestic-and-eagerly-awaited-pdf-of-the-book ‘Evil Women Anthology’ is a free download PDF. This is my most recent project and was a complete delight to be a part of. My illustration is for the story ‘How to Run a Ponzi Scheme’.
In my final year at university I become the secretary for the Comic Society. During this year we put out our first anthology- I helped oversee the production as well as submitting a story, so I was delighted when it received such a lovely review:
Myself and the president took the anthology to the London MCM comic con and to local retailers in Norwich. The anthology sold well. After leaving we handed the society over to some junior members. They’ve continued on this journey since we left, now with 4 issues!