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Rosie Packwood // Pocketm0use




England, UK


Rosie is a UK-based Graphic Designer and Artworker by profession, and an independent creator of comic books by heart. She is the Illustrator of The Incredible Bun, Creator of Blinker and Cyberpunk rock-climbing short Ascend from SKRAWL Comix Magazine.

Please see below a round-up of future releases and press regarding past releases. Please email directly or DM via Twitter (@Pocketm0use) for any further detail or queries regarding the portfolio projects displayed here.

Currently working on: The Incredible Bun Chapter 3 (due for release April 2021).

Future releases will include: Blinker Chapters 4 and 5, due for release later in 2021 and the final chapter of The Incredible Bun expected in 2022 and some additional TBA illustrative projects, so please watch this space for more!

Recent awards and reviews:
Indie Comic of the Year
SKRAWL Comix Magazine - Rank 10
Pipedream Comics, 2020
Read more: https://pipedreamcomics.co.uk/best-indie-and-small-press-comics-of-2020-10-2/

"Packwood’s artwork continues to be fun and interesting, and the cartoony style really allows for some over the top expressions, bombastic action and glittering glitzy extravagance." - Mark Scott of Big Comic Page, on Chapter 3 of Blinker


Previous highlights:
Indie Comic of the Year
The Incredible Bun - Rank 23
Pipedream Comics, 2019
Read more: http://pipedreamcomics.co.uk/indie-comic-of-the-year-2019-30-21/?fbclid=IwAR1YJ_DRUKgpJImts6iImRaxyOIyd_O5vqeYxPskm_Zg_NpxMT0AtHQiFLE

"The artwork too is, as you would expect from an illustrator of Rosie’s calibre, fantastic. The lines are clean and concise but the level of detail is immense when the story calls for it" - Susan Omand of The Dreamcage, 2019

"Definitely a new series to keep an eye on from a new cartoonist who looks to have all the potential in the world." - CeeJ Says, 2019

Top 50 Indie and Small Press Comics
BUN - Rank 38
Pipedream Comics, 2017
Read more:http://pipedreamcomics.co.uk/indie-small-press-comic-year-2017-40-31/

"From the opening pages of Bun, you know you are in for something very different. Artist Rosie Packwood sets the tone for this fascinating new direction, with an utterly sublime series of opening pages that look like something out a kids story book thanks to an impeccable sense of design and sublime muted colouring." - Alex Thomas, Pipedream Comics

"Packwood instantly cements herself as one to watch" - CeeJ Says

" ...while this initial short is only 11-pages long, it still felt like probably the most involving set of pages I’ve read in an all-ages book for a while. It’s smart, it’s funny, it’s bittersweet from the beginning and that all combines to make Bun something special." - Comics Annonymous

"The art looks deceptively simple in some panels, and properly intricate in others. Packwood matches the art to the tale in an accomplished manner. Rating: 4/5." - Big Comic Page

"Outstanding layouts and design from Rosie Packwood." - Other Worlds Than These

Writer of the Year
Best of Void awards 2017

Best "Beyond Battle" Comic
Best Full Colour Comic: Runner up

  • Trixie & Merrik Sanderson in RE:AL
    Best of Void awards 2017

"This story of finding hope even after it appears all hope is gone. From the minds of Michael Sambrook and Rob Jones with stunning artwork from longtime Madius star Rosie Packwood. You’re going to love LONELY ROBOT!" - Clare Hemsworth, Fandemonium Network

"I loved Rosie Packwood’s work on Bun (also for Madius Comics) and I’m looking forward to MANY more collaborations between her and the Madius team. Please. If that’s not too much trouble." - Clare Hemsworth, Fandemonium Network
Read more at http://fandemoniumnetwork.com/clares-comics-catalogue-papercuts-inkstains-7/#bO5vQuEWPkb6uO11.99

"In the first of our double feature, issue 3A, you will be greeted by the mind meltingly beautiful cover from Rosie Packwood" - The Curiosity of a Social Misfit